On Purpose

On Purpose is what we call our social enterprise
Our mission is to use our On Purpose
supply chain to
empower the women who make
these collections, and in
turn invest in the
communities they call home.

Shop On Purpose

When you purchase the products made by
our On Purpose supplier,
you’re investing in
the women who make these collections
and in their communities.

The Mission

Abahizi Rwanda is our On Purpose supplier based in Masoro, Rwanda. An independent, employee-owned handbag manufacturer, the supplier employs more than 250 women from the community, providing them full-time employment, health benefits and access to a life skills education program. As a certified B Corp grounded in holistically empowering women, Abahizi Rwanda is a true social enterprise. Abahizi Rwanda makes our On Purpose collection every season.

The Community: Masoro

We know how important it is for long-term, sustainable impact, to invest not only in women, but also in their families and communities. We’ve integrated Abahizi Rwanda into our regular supply chain, and are investing in the supplier’s larger community of Masoro. To date, our On Purpose fund has invested in community projects such as rebuilding the local health center, constructing a sports and learning center, and helping create entrepreneurship training, dance and basketball programs for women and girls. Abahizi Rwanda is one of our numerous partners around the world.

Holistic Empowerment

The individual women who work at Abahizi Rwanda have access to mental health support. We also support the larger community of Masoro by investing in local health infrastructure through funding for community girls’ clubs and yoga for trauma programs.

Abahizi Rwanda: Results, On Purpose

full-time jobs for
at Abahizi

of employees at
own land

of the workforce at
Abahizi Rwanda
empowerment and
health trainings

of women feel they can
make a
regarding family
planning by
or jointly with their

of Masoro residents
access community
programs in a
community of

women in the
community supported
by one woman at
Abahizi Rwanda