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Kate Spade,Classic Denim Jacket,Vintage Lake Wash
Comparable Value$259
$129 (50% off)
Kate Spade,classic denim jacket,jackets & coats,Fresh White
Comparable Value$259
$129 (50% off)
Kate Spade,Gingham Quilted Coat,Polyester,Blazer Blue
Comparable Value$429
$169 (61% off)
Kate Spade,Classic Denim Jacket,Cotton/Polyester,Blazer Blue
Comparable Value$249
$129 (48% off)
Kate Spade,reversible quilted vest,Polyester,Blazer Blue/Cream
Comparable Value$329
$169 (49% off)
Kate Spade,Faux Fur Hem Wool Coat,Black
Comparable Value$798
$399 (50% off)
Comparable Value$468
$229 (51% off)
Comparable Value$499
$259 (48% off)

can a girl ever have too many designer coats and designer jackets? we think not. truth is, just like a great pair of shoes, they can make your outfit. and different occasions require different styles. hear us out for a sec...

let's say you've got on a simple tee and your best-fitting jeans. a leather jacket or bomber jacket instantly elevates you look. or maybe you're off to brunch, finally rocking that dress you've been saving for a sunny day. you know what you should wear over it? one of our designer jean jackets. (it doesn't get more classic than that.) if it's raining out, a trench coat will keep you dry, and looking very stylish, we might add. and when there's some in the forecast, puffer jackets feel really fashionable and really warm. talk about a win-win.

once you've picked out a few jackets, there's more to see... explore the rest of our clothing, like tops & blouses, sweaters, dresses & jumpsuits and more

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